AHAD Policy mission is to ensure that all the individuals of the University, regardless of their races, colors, national origins, religions, gender, age, marital and parental status, disability, or genetic information, acknowledge the right to dignity and respect.

For more details see Anti-Harassment and Anti-discrimination Policy of Baku State University




  • All students can get in touch with the Rector directly via website and address their appeals and grievances according to any kind of misbehavior including any kind of harassment and discrimination .
  • All students can appeal and state grievances in person in a written form to the respective Unit and demand to act for misbehaviors including any kind of harassment and discrimination .
  • The Ethic Code for Academicians and Employees was accepted by the Scientific Council and according to the respective provision(s), any kind of harassment and discrimination attempt(s) is(are) taken as a violation of provisions of abovementioned Code. In this case, it is needed to put sanctions or take preventive actions with the decision of The Disciplinary Committee.
  • The Disciplinary Committee performs autonomously according to its statue, and audits the violations of the abovementioned Code provisions, including any kind of harassment and discrimination , and makes binding decisions.
  • Holds training courses, seminars, and other informative sessions for students regarding harassment and discrimination .
  • During examination period, The Appeal Commission is formed, and students can address The Appeal Commission in any case of grievances.
  • Conduct survey on monthly basis among students and according to the results preventive actions are taken regarding concerning issues and launch a prompt and in-depth examination into the claims following a report of harassment and discrimination. Then, take immediate measures and report the issues to responsible bodies.
  • Community members who violate this policy may face sanctions, including expulsion of students or termination of workers. Employees who believe they are the victims of harassment or discrimination should report it right away.
  • In cases where it has a good reason to assume that harassment has occurred, the University has the right to investigate the circumstances, even if no official or informal complaint has been made.
  • Acts are therefore forbidden, even if they are not unlawful, if they: Limit employment opportunities, access to university housing, or participation in academic, athletic, social, cultural, or other university activities inappropriately based on age, color, gender, gender identity, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, or weight; or Harass any University community member(s) based on their age, race, religion, veteran status, height, marital status, country origin, gender identity, disability status, or weight.