Climate Action Plan (2023-2030)



Developing a comprehensive climate action plan is crucial for addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change.  Baku State University (BSU) is embarking on a journey of minimizing its impact on the environment BSU is committed to achieving the ambitious target of Carbon Neutrality by 2030. Our first-ever Climate Action Plan (CAP) details BSU’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and establishes the framework for achieving this overarching vision. In this document, we provide our plans for achieving BSU’s goals, and discuss BSU’s GHG inventory.  Here are some key messages of this Climate Action Plan:



We’re Becoming More Efficient

The majority of BSU’s emissions come from buildings. This is one of the main reasons that we’re focused on reducing building energy use and chilled water consumption. BSU has committed to identifying, planning, prioritizing, and implementing efficiency projects across campus that will enhance our campus buildings' operations, minimize energy and water use, and improve occupants’ health and performance on campus.

We’re Aligned

In the run-up to the Paris Agreement, Azerbaijan submitted its Nationally Defined Contributions (NDC) and as a contribution to global climate change prevention initiatives committed to achieving a 35 percent reduction in the GHG level by 2030 compared to the 1990 base year.  This entails significant investments in renewable energy and makes it one of the first countries in the region to launch a concrete initiative to achieve that climate commitment. BSU is aligned with this strategic initiative and is actively engaged in exploring opportunities concerning enhanced building energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy sources. BSU has recently initiated a comprehensive audit process aimed at assessing the feasibility of achieving carbon neutrality for its campus. This audit entails a meticulous evaluation of the economic viability, regulatory compliance, and operational feasibility of these prospects, while concurrently addressing the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental considerations.

We’re Leading the Way

In alignment with BSU’s broader vision, BSU aims to become a leading institution in sustainability in the region through actions aimed at achieving the Carbon Neutrality Goal

For more detail see: Climate Action Plan (2023-2030)