Disability Support Policy


BSU is dedicated to promoting diversity, equality of opportunity, and eliminating discrimination as outlined in its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy. This policy underscores the University's commitment to fostering an environment where students, staff, and visitors are treated fairly and not disadvantaged due to disability. The University proactively addresses the needs of its community and establishes inclusive practices, policies, and procedures accordingly. The policy aims to promote values such as love, compassion, equality, and justice by eliminating social exclusion and raising awareness among students about the challenges faced by disadvantaged sections of society. It specifically focuses on promoting the rights and dignity of individuals with disabilities. This policy applies to disabled students (prospective, current, and alumni), disabled staff (including permanent, fixed-term, associate, temporary, or other employees), and visitors to the University.  Campus is easily accessible by people with disabilities

For more details see: Disability Support Policy