This policy articulates the University's dedication to safeguarding the health, safety, and well-being of all individuals involved in activities associated with the institution.


For more details see: Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy of Baku State University




University Policlinic:

    • Health care services, including physical, gynecological, reproductive, and other services.
    • Informational and awareness campaigns.
    • Free of charge for students and employees.

Psychological Counseling Service:

    • Support individuals in realizing their full potential.
    • Establish a framework for active engagement in social and academic life.
    • Mental health support.
    • Cognitive behavioral treatment.
    • Counseling in various areas (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual problems, couple counseling, personal development, sleep disorders, family counseling, elimination of harmful habits).

BSU Volunteers:

    • Approximately 1,000 volunteer students.
    • Active participation in various events and actions.
    • Instrumental pillar of social and civic engagement within the university and the larger community.

Campus Environment:

No Smoking Policy:

    • Smoking (cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, electronic cigarettes) not permitted in any university area.
    • Prohibited in buildings, residence halls, clinics, labs, classrooms, offices, plazas, vestibules, etc.
    • No smoking near covered walkways, ventilation systems, building entrances, or on campus property.

Dormitory Monitoring:

    • Fire alarms, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras in dorms.
    • Identification of possible emergency situations.
    • Notification of authorities in case of emergencies.


The student campus of BSU includes student dormitory No. 1 (Student House) and student dormitory No. 2. The 5-story, 220-seat "Student House" of BSU was commissioned in 2021. Designed for both foreign and local students, the dormitory has 104 standard student rooms and 2 guest rooms for short-term visitors to BSU. Conditions meeting modern standards have been created in the "Student House", the rooms are equipped with necessary furniture, household appliances, heating system. There is a library equipped with the necessary literature and reading room, a meeting room, a leisure room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a dining room equipped with all the necessary equipment. In the courtyard of the dormitory, sports equipment has been installed and a recreation corner has been created for students to spend their free time effectively.

There are 24 double and 2 triple rooms on each floor of the dormitory. The rooms are provided with a table, chair, modern bed furniture and wardrobe with individual, special design and color for each student. Two kitchens and two utility rooms are at the service of students on each floor. Refrigerators and other necessary equipment are placed in the kitchen to ensure students' comfort. The rooms are equipped with high-speed internet.

Fire-fighting equipment is installed on all floors and rooms of the dormitory, which is equipped with a central heating system. There is a medical center provided with necessary equipment and medicines in the dormitory. Security in the dormitory area is regularly monitored by cameras.


Polyclinic No. 30, located on the territory of the University, provides medical services to BSU faculty and student contingent. The main task of the polyclinic, which started operating in 1990, is to provide medical services to the university's many thousands of teachers and students, and to protect their health. 19 doctors and 18 paramedics work in the polyclinic. The polyclinic has laboratory, therapy, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, surgery, dentistry and other medical rooms. Here, patients are examined using an ultrasound examination device, physiotherapy equipment, stomatological and other devices. Biochemical and clinical analyzes are carried out in the polyclinic's laboratory. In the biochemical analysis, rheumatism, triglycerides, cholesterol, sugar, ALT, AST, hormones, and in the clinical analysis, the general analysis of blood, hemoglobin, ECS, feces, urine and leukocytes are checked. Malaria testing is also carried out in the laboratory. The polyclinic is provided with medicines and necessary medical supplies by the Baku General Health Department.


The Psychological Assistance Sector of Baku State University (BSU) was established in 2019. The aim of the psychological assistance sector, which was created for the first time among Azerbaijan higher education institutions in Baku State University, is to help the professional personal development and growth of university employees and students, to provide their psychological protection, to maintain and strengthen their psychological health, and to help students realize their abilities. Favorable socio-psychological and socio-pedagogical conditions for training activities have been created in the sector. The compliance of psychological service activities with the modern principles of the higher education system, the unity of scientific, applied and practical aspects of psychological service in higher schools, the development of diagnostic, predictive and management functions in relation to all higher school subjects are the main organizational and operational principles of the Psychological Assistance Sector.

The Psychological Assistance Sector contributes to the creation of an atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual respect between the professor-teacher, administrative-technical and student staff. This activity was especially important in preventing the emotional and mental crisis that may arise in students during the pandemic. Conducting training on "Stress and stress management", "Depressive state", "Psychosomatic problems", "Couple relations", "Personal development", "Mood disorders", "sleep disorders", "Family counseling" in the sector. Services such as anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress and related disorders, sexual problems, couple counseling, and harmful habits are provided.

The sector regularly carries out educational activities among employees and students. Taking into account the moral and psychological condition of the students and employees who stayed at home during the special quarantine regime, he provided psychological support to them through official social media accounts. During the pandemic, the sector considered more than 300 individual applications of employees and students, and provided professional assistance in eliminating their individual psychological problems.


Sports and Health Center of Baku State University was established in 2020 at the base of the Sports Club. The main task of the center is to instill high moral, voluntary and physical qualities, national moral values ​​in university employees and student-young people, to help organize their free time effectively, to prepare them for work and defense of the motherland, and to help them to form healthy, modern, comprehensive personalities. A healthy lifestyle and sports have a great role in training active and capable specialists of the modern era. Taking this into account, BSU has created all conditions for employees and students to systematically engage in sports, to organize their free time effectively, and to train athletes regularly. Chess, volleyball, football, basketball, handball, badminton and other sports teams have been formed in the center, consisting of employees and students. Teams are prepared by highly qualified coaches. The staff, female, and male student teams of BSU regularly train and represent the University well in competitions and contests held at the BSU and at the national level.


The Culture and Creativity Center of Baku State University (BSU) was established in 2020 on the basis of the self-activity club. Its main task is to hold cultural-mass events, competitions and festivals, to create conditions for employees and students of the University to reveal and develop their creativity, to organize their free time in an efficient way, as well as to educate young students in the spirit of patriotism, to inform students of the essence of the cultural policy carried out in the country. inculcation, preservation of universal and national-spiritual values, promotion of multicultural and spiritual values ​​in the university, etc.

The Center regularly participates in social projects implemented at the University as an organizer of mass events, literary and artistic evenings, new compositions, competitions, exhibitions and conferences. BSU works to ensure the active participation of employees and students in large-scale projects and various literary and artistic events in the country and plays an active role in revealing the self-development of talented students. The center has an instrumental and dance ensemble of female and male students, a choir, art and drama club.