The mission of this policy is to foster and promote behaviors considering ethical values, including diversity, honesty, respect, and fairness by making framework and guidance on ethical organizational culture.


For more details see Holistic Ethical Organizational Culture Policy of Baku State University.



  • Baku State University (hereinafter – BSU) is the only largest and oldest University in Azerbaijan and has a long history from 1919, which effects formulation of holistic organizational culture throughout decades. As a University, BSU has more than 24.000 students and almost 3000 employees, including academic staff, administrative staff, support, and technical staff. It is obvious that students, academicians or other staff from different cultures, perceptions, values, and beliefs foster diversity within the University and thus, it is essential to have accepted framework regarding right and wrong actions considering different categories.
  • According to the respective provisions of Labor Code of Azerbaijan Republic, other related legislations, and internal rules of BSU, respective labor contract is signed by all employees within recruiting process and all newly recruited employees get acquainted with their respective job descriptions. In all job descriptions, it is mentioned that it is mandatory for all employees to obey accepted disciplinary rules in BSU, including Code of Academic Integrity, Code of Ethics for Employees and Teachers.
  • The Disciplinary Commission is performing according to its statue and address the issues related violations of the requirements of respective ethic codes. On the other hand, Code of Ethics for Employees and Teachers was adopted by The Scientific Council and employees are encouraged to behave in line with Code of Academic Integrity, Code of Ethics for Employees and Teachers (together hereinafter – Codes), and informed about the possible risks of misbehaviors.
  • The Disciplinary Committee is a responsible body to ensure ethical compliance within our institution, with a designated oversight on ethical matters across the institution. 
  • Our university provides training on holistic ethical organisational culture of the organisation.
  • BSU has a clear and accessible reporting channel while protecting whistleblowers.
  • Additionally, Trade Union is operating at BSU according to its statue and the Union has responsibility to protect the rights of labors and make their voices heard from the Senior Leadership. In the case of the termination of the labor contract due to violations of provision(s) of the Codes, The Union investigate the case and make decision, take some preventive action(s) in necessity.
  • Moreover, Appeal Commission is performing at BSU according to its statue and responsible for handling student appeals and grievences and inform related Unit or structure about the apeal and grievences and support for the resolution.