" Say no to drugs!" at BSU

BSU, in collaboration with the Azerbaijan Independence Museum, hosted an event titled "Say NO to drugs". The event took place within the framework of the "2019-2024 State Program on Illegal Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Their Precursors and Combating Drug Addiction".

The primary objective of the event was to educate youth on the dangers of drug addiction, particularly targeting teenagers and young adults, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Key figures such as Ziyatkhan Aliyev, the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, and Etibar Ahmadov, the Deputy Dean, emphasized the link between drug addiction, criminality, and violence, underlining its status as a global crisis and its detrimental impact on future prospects.

Ramida Mamedova, representing the Azerbaijan Independence Museum, discussed the museum's efforts in addressing drug addiction and stressed the significance of raising awareness on this issue.

Ayshan Samadova - a psychologist from the Bakikhanov Inclusive Education Center, highlighted the illegal drug trade within the country and emphasized the collective societal effort needed to combat addiction, advocating for regular educational initiatives.

Additionally, a psychologist conducted projective methodology sessions for students during the event.