Baku State University (BSU) has implemented a comprehensive Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination (AHAD) policy to ensure fair and non-discriminatory treatment of all applicants and individuals associated with the university. The policy promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, and emphasizes creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

To ensure accountability, the university has a Disciplinary Committee to investigate violations of the policy, and an Appeal Commission to address student grievances. Short-term and long-term actions include training sessions, clear reporting mechanisms, victim support, and mentorship programs. Gender equity is a priority, with active tracking of applications and admissions to identify barriers.

BSU is committed to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) among students and staff, with scheduled training and investigations of policy violations. Awareness campaigns, ongoing training, and seminars are conducted to educate about harassment and discrimination. Mentoring and coaching programs are planned for professional growth. The university also prioritizes accessibility for individuals with disabilities, providing physical access and collaborating with disability support organizations. Support services encompass academic assistance, counseling, and career guidance. An access scheme offers reasonable accommodations like extended exam times and assistive technologies, tailored to individual needs. Adequate funding is allocated to support these initiatives.

For more detail and report see: REPORT ON SDG 10: REDUCED INEQUALITIES