Baku State University (BSU) is actively committed to addressing climate change through a comprehensive and multifaceted approach. Currently, the university is engaged in extensive efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This includes setting ambitious, quantifiable emissions reduction targets in alignment with global climate objectives and conducting transparent evaluations to monitor progress.

Education plays a pivotal role in BSU's strategy, with annual programs and campaigns focusing on climate change risks, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning systems. To ensure effective learning and understanding, climate change education is integrated into the university's curricula at all levels, embracing a holistic approach that spans various disciplines, such as climate science, policy, law, ethics, sociology, economics, and culture.

Baku State University offers courses that teach specifically on climate science and environmental sustainability which these courses are linked to officially recognized credits (ECTS). They lead to the award of an officially recognized qualification that specifically refers to climate science and environmental sustainability such as Ecology major. BSU is taking steps to provide specialized training through master's programs in climate change adaptation and related fields, enhancing the capacity of experts in the area. The university is actively involved in international and regional projects on climate change, including the Erasmus+ Geospatial Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation of Coastal Ecosystems. Additionally, BSU collaborates with national organizations, such as the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, and constantly updates its curricula to align with international best practices. 

Research and innovation are integral to BSU's commitment to sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Faculty and researchers are involved in cutting-edge projects related to flood protection, early warning systems, and disaster prevention, generating research papers and policy analyses. 

For more detail and report see: REPORT ON SDG 13:CLIMATE ACTION