The university's commitment to supporting Sustainable Development Goal 15, focusing on Life on Land, is evident through a range of initiatives and policies. The university actively promotes education and awareness on land ecosystem conservation and sustainable land utilization. It hosts events, offers educational programs on flora and fauna, and provides outreach on sustainable land management.

The institution has established policies to ensure sustainable food sourcing on campus, reducing plastic waste, and promoting clean water standards. Furthermore, the university actively engages with local communities and collaborates with external organizations on projects related to land ecosystem protection and sustainable development.

The university's actions extend to the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, including forests, mountains, and drylands. The institution also prioritizes the protection of IUCN Red Listed and national conservation list species.

While the campus takes proactive steps to minimize its impact on land ecosystems, it does not have a specific policy for managing alien species. Nevertheless, it has demonstrated a commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and carbon footprint reduction.

In summary, the university's efforts reflect a strong dedication to the conservation and sustainable use of land ecosystems, aligning with the principles of Sustainable Development Goal 15.

For more detail and report see: REPORT ON SDG 15: LIFE ON LAND