Baku State University (BSU) is actively working to address issues related to hunger prevention and sustainability in its university canteens. While the initial contracts with external contractors lacked provisions for monitoring food waste, BSU is now aiming to incorporate measures to measure and manage food waste in the upcoming contract renewal. The university, in partnership with the Union of Independent Students of BSU, provides vouchers for meals to support underprivileged students.

BSU's commitment to sustainability extends to its dining services, which offer sustainable food options, including vegetarian and vegan choices. The canteens prioritize food safety, undergoing regular inspections by the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan and providing continuous employee training.

The university's dedication to advancing sustainability in agriculture is evident in its two-pronged approach. Faculty members and researchers actively contribute to innovative agricultural practices, while students gain practical experience through laboratory work and hands-on application of new technologies. BSU also organizes tours to food industry companies, fostering knowledge exchange between students and industry professionals.

BSU recognizes the need to enhance its laboratory and technological resources to support sustainable farming practices, aligning with its Sustainable Procurement Policy's objectives. The policy emphasizes minimizing carbon emissions, promoting fair competition, assessing cost-efficiency, and favoring local suppliers in procurement decisions. BSU's multifaceted efforts underscore its commitment to combating hunger and promoting sustainability in agriculture and food production.

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