BSU's Student Youth Organization


BSU's Student Youth Organization (BSU TGT), which has been operating since 2005, plays an important role in promoting and involving young people more actively in the public life of the country and the University. BSU TGT conducts systematic work in the direction of educating young students in the spirit of patriotism, innovative thinking and knowledgeable specialists, carries out educational work, increasing efficiency in this field, promoting democratic values among students. It ensures that students-young people are more actively involved in the social life of the University and the country. The organization mainly aims to increase students' social activity, ensure their participation in country-wide social projects, cultural and mass events, implement work in the direction of solving students' social problems, conduct educational work among students, participate in republican and international competitions, Olympiads, exhibitions, and festivals of talented and creative students. implementation of preventive measures against drug addiction, alcoholism, criminality and other negative tendencies among students, competitions, seminars, festivals, forums, meetings, exhibitions, actions, round tables, scientific conferences, training courses, mass propaganda campaigns with the participation of students, organization of discussion clubs, debates, symposiums, meetings with eminent persons, events related to students and youth, organization of associations, studios, clubs, courses, services to ensure students' interests and inclinations, intellectual development, etc. operates in the direction of Currently, BSU TGT is one of the largest and most active members of the Union of Student Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan. The organization includes Personal development club, Intellectual games club, Young talents club, Discussion club, Actor club, Music club, Art club, Eco club.


Alakbar Hasanov (student, member of the Scientific Council of BSU)

Alakbar Bafadarov

Fatima Atakishiyeva

Harun Mehdiyev