Baku State University (BSU) is actively committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 3, "Good Health and Wellbeing." The university has established a multitude of partnerships at local, national, and international levels to enhance health and well-being outcomes. These partnerships extend from collaborations with hospitals and healthcare organizations to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, where BSU focuses on empowering women in rural areas. Furthermore, BSU promotes health and well-being within its local community through initiatives like the Law Clinic, providing free legal assistance to those in need, and the "BSU Volunteers" program, involving approximately 1,000 volunteer students in various community engagement activities. The university also ensures the general well-being of its students and staff through services related to sexual and reproductive health, psychological counseling, and access to comprehensive healthcare at the University Policlinic. Additionally, BSU enforces a strict no-smoking policy on its premises, including dormitories, to create a safe and comfortable environment. Monitoring devices are in place to ensure the safety of individuals within the dorms. Overall, Baku State University is dedicated to fostering the health and well-being of its community while providing a supportive and conducive environment for its students and staff.

For more detail and report see: REPORT ON SDG 3: GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING