Open dialogue on "Gender issues in azerbaijan" at BSU

The "Sustainable Development Goals" club, operating within the framework of the "BSU Volunteers" organization, spearheaded an open dialogue focusing on "Gender equality in Azerbaijan."

During the discussion, participants delved into the multifaceted interpretations of the term "gender" within contemporary society and its observable manifestations. They highlighted the ongoing reforms in Azerbaijan, emphasizing efforts to bolster civic engagement and elevate the role of women in society. It was underscored that Azerbaijan's commitment to gender equality and women's rights is rooted in the state policies established by the esteemed leader, Heydar Aliyev. Moreover, participants acknowledged the regulatory framework outlined in the Republic of Azerbaijan's law "On Guarantees of Gender (Men and Women) Equality," along with the established legal norms governing this sphere, with oversight provided by relevant state institutions.

TThe discourse progressed with students voicing diverse perspectives on the subject matter, fostering an environment conducive to vibrant discussion and exchange of ideas. It was highlighted that gender equality is enshrined as the fifth among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by global leaders at the United Nations in 2015. Each country has delineated priorities pertaining to addressing every facet of these goals, aiming to achieve them all by 2030.

The open dialogue persisted as students contributed their varied viewpoints and engaged in constructive discourse on the topic at hand.